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Our nonprofit grant specialist team are dedicated to your nonprofit funding success. We go the extra mile to make sure you are positioned for funding and have the tools to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Save time and money while building your capacity to improve lives and strengthen communities with Dignity 1+.

Nonprofit Grant Specialist Leadership Team

Michael Foley - CEO

Michael Foley, Founder / CEO

Michael is a leader in the nonprofit sector, specializing in human service programs. He brings his years of experience in grant proposal writing, grant program development, organizational management, and leadership to nonprofit organizations facing mission-critical challenges. He delivers a wealth of expertise in:

  • Assessing operations
  • Developing fundable, evidence-based programs and strategies
  • Implementing innovative, team-driven solutions
  • Securing grants, donations, and collaborative partnerships

Michael has a long history of increasing philanthropic support through donor cultivation, submitting high quality grant proposals, and securing government and philanthropic contracts. His expertise can be used to guide nonprofit teams as they link donors to accessible programs with measurable outcomes.

An inspiring and confident public speaker in all venues, Michael taps his experience in government outreach, public relations, marketing, and advocacy.

He has dedicated his life to building community collaboration within and beyond the nonprofit sector in hopes of bringing help to those in need by growing resources for nonprofit organizations and programs and collaboratives.

In 2014, Michael founded Dignity 1+ as a way of bringing cost-effective solutions to nonprofits using the tools he has developed. These tools include the grant accelerator program, his foundation-linking process, a person-centered grant writing approach, and more. When combined with his guiding experience, they give nonprofits the highest probability of obtaining the internal and external resources required for success.
Steve Bridge - Co-Founder / CFO

Steve Bridge, Founder / CFO

Steve brings a wealth of commercial expertise to the nonprofit environment. His commitment to increasing resources for human service organizations extends from nonprofit support to the success of Dignity 1+. His abundance of experience and expertise is specific to areas that include:

  • Government and commercial business finance, operations and systems
  • Creating new business start-ups to put peoples’ dreams into effect
  • Technology and business processes for improving efficiencies
  • Supporting nonprofit boards by building resources and membership

Steve brings commercial expertise and knowledge of processes that can be applied to the nonprofit sector for exponential improvements in efficiencies. This dedication to a systems-engineering approach helps nonprofit organizations maximize their resource utilization, grant awards, and outcomes reporting.

Steve’s history includes a myriad of executive positions with both government and commercial technology companies. He has served on the boards of numerous nonprofit organizations. Additionally, Steve has founded multiple companies, always placing people and their needs as the primary driver in success.

Steve joined Michael to help realize a vision of cost-effective solutions for nonprofit organizations. He felt his expertise in systems and processes would improve the success of not only Dignity 1+ but also the nonprofit community it serves. His efforts are particularly evident in the powerful Grant Accelerator tool as well as in the success that Dignity 1+ clients are achieving through the foundation linkages program.

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