90 Day Grant Development

Case Statements and Core Program Grant Templates

Too often, case statements and grant narratives fail to capture the impact and heart of your work. Dignity 1+ has the ability and experience to capture the imagination of your audience. Together, in 90 days or less, we will develop and create a full and exciting case statement for your agency, programs, and micro-programs that will drive future funding and success.

  • Together we will build a comprehensive case statement covering your history and mission, the need, program descriptions, target outcomes, organizational abilities, capacity, and life changing success stories.
  • We will highlight your budget and fund-raising needs to create a nexus between donations, improved lives and stronger communities. This serves as the template for all your future fund-raising goals.
  • Dignity 1+ will develop and submit three grant proposals that capture the key facets of your case statement, providing a template for future proposals.
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