Fund Raising Initiatives

Fund raising is a competitive environment. It takes constant fund raising initiatives and drive to build and acheive your mission.  A robust annual-support campaign creates awareness, delivers new donors while keeping your current ones engaged.  An annual fund raising initiative drive spotlights your best work, highlights its life-changing outcomes, and ignites your community’s desire to help you acheive even more.

At Dignity 1+ we share your passion and have a record of fund raising initiatives success.  Whether you are in an emergency or ready for growth, Dignity 1+ can bring your mission to life for new and existing donors and help you build a foundation for a strong and promising future.

Inspire the passion.  Secure the future. Initiatives +

  • Powerful Call to Action Narratives
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation for Agency and Program Initiatives
  • Campaign Planning Metrics
  • Prospect Identification, Cultivation and Moves Managment Systems
  • Campaign Production and Packaging
  • Assistance with Planning and Preparing Organizational and Marketing Materials
  • Orientation and Training for Staff and Volunteers
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